Hall of Fame baseball writer Hal McCoy shares his thoughts on the Cincinnati Reds

What it’s like inside the Reds clubhouse

4:51 pm Apr. 24, 2018

CINCINNATI — One of the most often asked question by fans: “What is it like in the clubhouse when a team is 4-and-18 and 9 1/2 games out of first place less than a month into the season?”

The assumption is that it is funeral parlor quiet, with players sitting around their lockers with their head hanging as they wring their hands and chew their fingernails to the quick.

Not true. The

Cardinals do what they always do against the Reds

5:35 pm Apr. 22, 2018

With absolutely no apologies to Cher, ‘And the beat goes on,’ and unfortunately for them, it is the Cincinnati Reds who keep getting beat on every day.

After six innings Sunday afternoon in Busch Stadium III,

Groundhog Day: Reds lose again by 2-0

5:07 pm Apr. 18, 2018

It was Groundhog Day in Miller Park Wednesday afternoon for the Cincinnati Reds, another 2-0 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers.

It was as if they took a videotape of Tuesday’s 2-0 loss and replayed it Wednesday.

—Just as he did Tuesday, Milwaukee first baseman Eric Thames hit a two-run home run to provide the game’s only runs.

—Just as they did Tuesday, the Reds managed only three hits, one of them by Joey

Frustrated Reds erupt against Brewers, 10-4

10:33 pm Apr. 16, 2018

The Cincinnati Reds found a team with more walking wounded than they have and took full advantage of it Monday night to end an eight-game losing streak.

And they did it with a vengeance, expelling a

Should Price be fired? Why blame him?

4:50 pm Apr. 12, 2018

CINCINNATI — It was early afternoon when Homer Bailey walked into the Cincinnati Reds clubhouse and spotted a media horde hanging around.

“Must be nothing going on in Cincinnati,” he said, pulling off his well-worn cowboy

Why Aaron Boone will succeed in New York

1:06 am Dec. 2, 2017

The first purchase Aaron Boone should make as new manager of the New York Yankees is a fire-retardant suit.

He is going to need it in The Bronx, where putting out fires in the Yankee Stadium

Expect the unexpected in World Series for the ages

2:00 am Oct. 30, 2017

If there is one thing fans can expect in this most enticing and exciting and enigmatic World Series, it is this: Expect the unexpected.

Who would expect the Houston Astros to fall behind 4-0 and 7-4, then blow a three-run lead in the ninth inning and still win Game 5 Sunday night in Minute Maid Park?

But they did it in one of the most incredible World Series games in history, a